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Pivot on THIS.

It's always a pivot table. There are so many better, more meaningful ways to present the data, but they always ask for it in a pivot table. There must have been some management-level Excel course that they all took a few years ago, where they said, "The best way to present this single, isolated case would be a pivot table. Naturally you have to tailor your reporting for blah blah blah"

"Hm... pivot table. If it works well for this, it will work well for everything. Christ, is he still talking? I have a 2:00 tee time!"

I sent them a sample pivot table of the data, and as inevitably as the sun rises tomorrow they will send it back in the next day or two.

"Could you please make the following changes to the pivot table to present the data [in a manner that pivot tables don't support]?"
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