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Poor Man's Light Box

Earlier this week, atara tossed out the suggestion that she might make a light box this weekend. Unfortunately she ended up snowed under with homework, but the idea continued to percolate in the back of my mind. We have a fairly large box that used to hold my wine fridge - nearly the perfect size for a light box in my opinion. Before I put knife to box, though, I decided that it would be prudent to grab a smaller box and try a proof of concept before I destroyed the larger one. After a lot of cutting, cursing, taping and swearing, I finally managed to cobble together something resembling a light box.

If I have learned one important thing from this exercise, it is that I am not talented with my hands. Every time I tackle a project like this, it ends up as a stark reminder as to why I never took up a career in wood working, or any of the other artistic professions that require hand-eye coordination.

On the plus side, it works.

This is a Christmas ornament that we bought back when these little guys were still in circulation. I don't know if the stores here simply stopped carrying these, or if the company discontinued the line (or went out of business).
Light Box Skunk

This is the watch that atara gave me for Christmas last year. It tells time, and has a secret 2g memory stick on which I can hide my pr0n.
Light Box Watch

Here is the light box. The lighting and angle really flatters it. I would show you a clearer picture of it in better lighting, but I prefer the way that it looks in this shot.
Light Box
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