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The Great Granola Caper

Since tomorrow will be the first day that we are both back at work and school, atara decided to pack us some lunches. One of the standard treats she includes in these lunches is a small container of strawberry yoghurt and Granola. Usually she combines them, but sometimes she puts the Granola in a separate, zip lock snack bag. That is what she chose to do this evening, and she left the sealed bags on the kitchen table while she wandered off to attend to other things. Shortly after she returned to find one of the bags conspicuously absent.

She quickly eliminated me as a suspect in its disappearance, partly because she knew my whereabouts while the bags were unattended, and also because I do not have a history of pilfering bags of Granola from the kitchen table. A thorough search of the house finally turned up brutalized bag in the front hall, which appeared to have been chewed and clawed open at one end. It was still mostly full of Granola, as if whoever opened it decided that it wasn't "food" after all.

Since I know that I did not steal the bag and chew it open, and I am reasonably certain that atara is likewise innocent, that narrows our field down to these three ladies.

Cat Mugshots

Take a good look at these potential poachers. Don't let the first one's innocent face fool you. Does she not bear the self-satisfied look of a cat who just ate half a bag of Granola?

Then again, the second one seems a little too quick to deny it. "Your Granola does not interest me. Nor do any of the other delectable foodstuffs on the kitchen table."

Is the third cat trying to hide her guild through indignation? "How could you even have the audacity to accuse me of stealing your Granola?"

Poll #1326104 The Granola Poll

Which cat pinched the Granola?

Merry (the innocent)
Belladonna (the indifferent)
Jaws (the indignant)
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