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One of my resolutions this year...

One of my resolutions this year was to become more active here again. Obviously I've broken that one already.

One of my other resolutions was to eat healthier this year -- and I'm sorry to say that I started off today on a bad foot. I just finished a 3-egg omelet with diced ham, onions, shaved Stilton, some crumbled vintage Gouda and a little handful of shredded Tex-Mex cheese left over from our tacos earlier this week . I whipped up the eggs with about 1/4 cup of milk, a bit of fresh ground multi-corn pepper, and a pinch of salt. To put the extra touch of healthiness on it, I cooked it in a bit of duck fat left over from Christmas.

This was one of the lightest, fluffiest omelets I have ever had, and words can hardly describe how delicious it tasted. I'm sure it was all kinds of bad for me, but I don't cook like that very often, so I think I'm allowed an occasional decadent treat.

I made a small change to my normal coffee routine this morning. I started using a French press for my coffee (after breaking my second Bodum last year), and my usual routine has been to let the coffee sit on top of the grounds once I have pressed the plunger. The pot holds just enough coffee for three of my Starbucks mugs full. The first two cups are always good (not quite as good as I got from my lamented Bodum, but a far cry better than drip). On most days I will stop after two cups, but on weekends and holidays I will often head back out to the kitchen for that third cup because I hate to waste coffee.

After the coffee has say for that long on the old grounds, and by the time I have finished microwaving it, let's just say that it can be pretty vile at times. I have always assumed that the coffee has gone bad because of oxidation, but I was pretty sure that sitting on the old grounds for that long probably wasn't doing it any good either. Today for a change I poured the whole pot into another container after I plunged it, and poured it back after rinsing out the grounds. I lost some coffee during the transfer process, since I left a bit of the sludge behind on each pouring, but in the end I was pleased with the results. When I grabbed a third cup today, even after nuking it for 2 minutes, it was still quite drinkable. I could taste some oxidation, but it was way better than the usual third cups.

Lesson learned: make less coffee, since I probably don't need that third cup anyway.
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