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Short weekend summary

Things that have made plonq unhappy this week.

- Working through (yet another) vacation day. I have taken 6 vacation days in the past 6 weeks and had to show up at the office for 5 of them.
- Getting a mystery charge on our latest MC bill from a hotel in Lethbridge where we stayed this past summer.
- Having MC tell me that I had to chase after the travel agency and hotel on my own first before they would help me.
- Having the hotel (when I finally get an answer out of them) get all defensive and lay the blame on the travel agency.
- Spending close to four hours over the course of two days listening to hold music while I try to contact the travel agency.

(Catchy hold music, though. I may have to call them back sometime just so I can listen to it a few dozen more times...)

I finally called MC back, told them what the hotel was claiming, and assured them that I refused to spend hours of my life waiting on hold to talk to a travel agency that would undoubtedly bounce me around from person to person the same way that the hotel had. When I explained it that way, they agreed to open their own investigation.

The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that the hotel is at fault. I have booked a number of trips and flights through this on-line travel company, and this is the first time I have ever had a problem with one of their bookings. On the other hand, none of my dealings with the hotel instilled me with anything akin to confidence.
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