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Something strange is afoot out in BC

Seventh severed foot found in British Columbia

It's almost as if the world wasn't a strange enough place already.

I went to a Microsoft tech seminar this morning. It was actually one of the more interesting ones that I have been to, dealing mostly with virtualization and server consolidation. The last one I attended resulted in a free copy of Office 2007 Professional. This time around we all got a cheap USB stick, and fairly nice pen, and a pretty good free lunch. It's not that I just go to these seminars for the free lunch, but that's a nice perk (especially for the boring ones).

There were a lot of products and servers demonstrated in this seminar that would be very beneficial to my company - especially when it comes to virtualization. Alas, this is the same company that still hasn't mastered anything as complicated as a roving profile...
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