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Vacation quandry

This is one of those problems that most people probably wouldn't mind having; we are a week into November and I still have twelve unallocated vacation days. I am going to cash out six of them over Christmas, which will get me off work from the 22nd of December through the end of January 4th.1

That still leaves me with six days to play with, and I have a couple of ideas for them. If I come in next Monday and then take the rest of the week off, that burns up three more of them. On a plus, that would give me some free time to get winter tires put on the car.

Another option that appeals to me on some levels is to take long weekends between now and my Christmas break. On the other hand, I think that I would get a bit of push back from my boss over that plan. Unionised employees are require to take their vacation time in blocks, and while management employees are granted more flexibility, it usually means within reasonable limits. I don't think that they would be particularly happy if I decided next year that I was going to use my 25 vacation days to take a long weekend every second week for example.

1 No, my maths are not wrong. Our industry has an extra vacation day at the start of the year - something that was negotiated a century or so back.
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