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Epic nerf

In a move that is a surprise to nobody, Blizzard has wound up and head-smacked Retribution Paladins with the Nerf Bat®. Naturally all of the Ret paladins are whinging about it, but I am having difficulty mustering up as much sympathy as I might. One would have to be in a pretty deep state of denial to think that Ret pallies were not seriously over-powered.

I am hoping that this will encourage some of them to spec back to Holy or Protection again. It seems that virtually everyone who specs deep into Retribution puts 5 points into Delusional. How else do you explain how so many of these folks suddenly think that Ret paladins can tank, or that Ret paladins are incapable of helping with the heals when the main healers go down?

"Uh, I'm not wearing my healing gear."

I kid you not. That was one guy's excuse for letting us wipe with the boss at 1% rather than stepping back to help with the healing after both priests went down.
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