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Le gâteau est une fausse appellation.

Is it bad if I want to drive a 10" spike through the left ear of one of the managers in my office? I think that it is probably a bad thing, but my moral compass has been spinning ambiguously lately, and I'm not sure if I trust my own judgement. It would certainly be cathartic, and even if I did it in front of the entire office they would have a tough time finding any willing eye witnesses. I have the spike, and I have the motivation. Now it's up to you kind folk to be my conscience.

Poll #1280632 Plonq's Moral Compass

Should I spike him?

Do it for great justice!
Don't do it!
Why do those first two answers have to be mutually exclusive?
Write a funny story about twinkies. Then stabby stabby.
Eat more fish. Then spike time.

Well... blast it all! He appears to have gone home for the day while I was working on this entry. The results of this poll are academic now, but go ahead and fill it out as a validation or indictment for having done the right, or wrong thing.
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