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He's in great form this morning.

My co-worker is all out of sorts because his Conservatives didn't get a majority government. He won't come right out and admit that he voted for them, but he got very defensive when I brought up the DRM bill. "Oh, well, whatever. It's not like they'll be able to enforce it." He then went on to rant about how bad it was that the Liberals picked up as many seats as they did (presumably because he wanted a Conservative majority).

I counter-argued that it was important to have a strong opposition in the house, to keep GWB's mini-me in check. Nope. Wrong. The Liberals deserved to get destroyed in the election because "Dion is a total idiot. He's a complete moron. Everything he does is stupid."

"I'll admit that he wasn't the strongest choice for leader, but name three stupid things he's done to make him such a complete idiot."

"Well, he waffled on the carbon tax. He was back and forth and back and fourth. He changed his mind at least four times."

"Okay, but that only counts as one thing. What else has he done to make him a complete moron?"

"Well, lots of stuff. I can't remember any of it now, but he's done all kinds of stupid stuff!"

... Where have I heard that kind of answer before?

COURIC: But what ones (newspapers and magazines) specifically? I'm curious.
PALIN: Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years.

[sigh] What bothers me the most is that he is a typical voter. He has no idea what the issues are, he just hopes that the Conservatives will keep the price of gas down so that it will be cheaper to drive his SUVs. (Yes, his family has a "his" and "hers" SUV.)
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