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Farmers' Market

Today was the last day for the St Norbert Farmers' Market, and I finally remembered to bring my camera along for the trip. I wasn't sure how the pictures would turn out since the weather today is rather grey and blustery, but a little nudge to the saturation made a big difference, and brought out the colours in their original glory. While I wish I had managed to get a few pictures of the market in the spring, and mid-summer, Autumn is arguably the best time for shots anyway when that's when the colours are at their most vivid.

Obviously pumpkins were a running theme at today's market. As far as I know we will not be carving pumpkins for Halloween this year, but we picked up another sugar pumpkin for pies.
FarmersMaket2008 Pumpkins

I love Brussels sprouts; they are one of those veggies that are sorely lacking in my diet.
FarmersMaket2008 Brussel Sprouts2

Earlier this year they also had cauliflower in purple, yellow and green. atara made a very good salad from roasted yellow cauliflower earlier this year. I regret now that I did not buy any this time out.
FarmersMaket2008 Cauliflower

This pillar of radishes is a signature for this particular vegetable stall. I have never been sure if these are for sale, or just decoration.
FarmersMaket2008 Radishes

This crusty old farmer in the corner has become a favourite of ours. His veggies are not as clean as the others, but once you knock away the caked on dirt and was them, they are just as good as everyone else's. He is very old-school, weighing all of the produce on an old balance scale and adding up the totals in his head.
FarmersMaket2008 Farmer

Aesthetics are very important when setting up a produce table. This lady spent much of the time that we were there rearranging her array of tomatoes.
FarmersMaket2008 Tomatoes

I have always found bunches of hanging vegetables to be very appealing in a rustic, old-school kind of way. It calls up mental images of old European markets.
FarmersMaket2008 Hanging Onions

No Thanksgiving table is complete without an assortment of dried corn and colourful gourds.
FarmersMaket2008 Colour Gourds

I have no idea what I would do with celery root if I bought it, but it intrigues me. I don't even know if this is celery root, but I still have no idea what I would do with it, and I still find it intriguing.
FarmersMaket2008 Celery Root

Sometimes I feel a little guilty that I live in a society of such plenty that we can expend resources and energy to grow food crops simply for their ornamental properties.
FarmersMaket2008 Ornamental Cabbage

So this is what happens to the flowers that they don't manage to sell in the spring.
FarmersMaket2008 Hanging Flowers

Here is another typical autumn spread at the market.
FarmersMaket2008 Autumn Spread

This guy sells delicious little Icelandic cakes. Here is atara stowing away the last Crab Apple and Rhubarb cake he had available this year. If they didn't look so fiddly, I'd be tempted to try making one of my own.
FarmersMaket2008 Icelandic Cakes

Our last stop on the way out was to pick up another sugar pumpkin for pies. The last pies I made did not turn out well. No, scratch that, they were a disaster. =( I am going back to the old tried and true recipe that I used for the last ones.
FarmersMaket2008 Future Pie
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