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After two gruelling nights of hell in Karazhan, Here are some musings after the fact.

1) Stop trying to chain-pull when you apparently have no mitigation, and when your two healers are still out of mana from resurrecting people after your last botched pull. I know you want to get through here fast, but wiping us on trash is not making us go any faster. Wiping us no less than four times on trash ensures that I will never run Kara with you again.

2) This "ignore the elementals and don't interrupt the arcane bolts" strategy on Aran did not work on the first five attempts. Why do you think it will work on the sixth? Or the seventh? Or the - did it take us 8 attempts? I don't remember now. All I know is that my repair bill after two days was more than the 50g I spent to spec back to healing for the run. I only came along because you were desperate for a healer, and because I wanted a shot at that engineering pattern the huntsman drops.

3) Stop skipping Netherspite. I don't know where this idea came from that he's hard. He is arguably the easiest boss in the instance after the huntsman. A group of people dressed in greens could one-shot him if they are not complete idiots - oh wait, we needed 7-8 attempts on Aran. >.<

4) I hate the Prince strategy that involves standing on the step and hoping that none of the fire adds drop on us. Actually I hate any boss strategy that counts on unreliable exploits. We needed four attempts on Prince because we got a badly placed add on the first three, and apparently the strategy has no provision for that other than, "Let's all die and hope for better luck on the next attempt." Oh yes, and here's a mental note for you morons who are doing melee DPS; don't stand in the fucking fire. Even if you can soak a few of the blasts before dying, when you have only two healers, and a paladin tank who is taking 10,000 points in one shot because he apparently has no armour, that doesn't spare a lot of heals for the rest of you. Oh, and when he enfeebles you, you will die instantly because you are standing in the fucking fire. (Though I admit that it was amusing to see four of them instantly keel over dead on the first attempt.)

Finally, if you don't have any threat mitigation then stop dps when you are in danger of passing our main tank on that fight. On that note, I think this is the last time I will do a run loaded with dps classes who have no threat mitigation. The phrase, "xxx stop DPS, you've passed the tank" almost became a mantra during the attempts. =/

5) This is the long one...

After swapping out bodies at various points in the run, our final group consisted of:

2 Holy priests
3 Ret paladins
2 DPS warriors
1 Rogue
1 Elemental shaman
1 Mage

While I will admit that we were a bit light on ranged casters, there is no reason why you cannot carve through Kara with this group. We had plenty of damage output, and in theory we had a good pool of off-spec healers to help if things got touchy. Note that I said, "in theory". In practise what we had were three paladins and a shaman who couldn't be bothered to find their heal buttons to save their lives. Literally. They wouldn't even heal themselves in a pinch.

If you will recall, in #2 above I complained about the lamentable strategy for Shade. For almost all of the failed attempts, the scenario played out the same. We would somehow manage to heal through the uninterrupted arcane volleys, and even the idiots who insisted on standing in the ice storm, but then the elementals would spawn. Once again the idea was to "heal through the elementals".

While the whole melee group was pounding on Aran, generating no threat with the elementals, the two priests were frantically healing the tank, arcane volley victims, and aforementioned idiots standing around in the ice storms. Guess who was generating all of the threat on the elementals? Suddenly both priests were getting focus-fired by the elementals. We could heal through that, but eventually one of us would eat an arcane volley and then there would be one priest. Rather there would be one healer, because all four of these other pricks were too self-absorbed to step up and help with the heals once one of our healers was down. As a result, as soon as one priest died, the other invariably died right after because suddenly he was taking focus fire from all four elementals.

Few things in this game bug me more than players who refuse to pitch in during a crisis. We wiped at 1% because we had three paladins and a shaman who refused to heal - not even themselves. On wipe after wipe I would watch their health bars slowly ticking down after both priests died. If even one of them had switched over to healing, we'd have got him on the first or third attempt (we just had some really rotten luck on the second try).

On the plus side, I was really impressed by the other priest in the run. It's nice to see someone who is aware that priests have more spells on their cast bars than Flash Heal.
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