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Nanaimo Airport

It is very rare these days for us to have the whole family together again in one place, so we decided to record the event for posterity. The arrangement by size was a total fluke - we just milled about in front of the house until Dao (my bossy sister-in-law) ordered us to all bunch up for a photo. I snapped back, "Well, whatever you do don't cut off our heads or feet." Dao has a notoriously bad eye for photography, but as you can see she did an admirable job with the camera.
Family Portrait

Unlike such airports as Calgary, Edmonton or Winnipeg, they have free wireless internet in Nanaimo's Cassidy Airport. Vancouver's airport has free wireless as well, but my layover there will be fairly short this time around, so I don't know if I will go to the trouble of pulling out my computer for the occasion. Still, it is nice to have that option, and it just reinforces what I have always felt about the coast being so much more progressive than the prairies.

I feel a little vulture-like for it, but I am bringing home an additional suitcase with clothes that I nabbed out of Dad's stuff. For shirts and socks and the like he and I wore about the same size, and mom insisted that she would rather have me take it home and use it than just give it to a thrift store. Ugh - there were a couple of other things that I wanted to look through while I was there, but I have been so busy with family that I forgot. I expect that mom will probably throw them out before I have a chance to call her to put them aside. She was eager to get us out the door so that she could start cleaning up and throwing things in the trash.

One thing I wanted to look at was just an item of curiosity. Dad kept every single paystub from his time at the railroad. He had mentioned that fact to me once or twice over the years, and I was curious to see how much things had changed over the years (how much tax they were taking off back in the early 60s versus how much I am losing off my cheques today, for instance). They don't take up a whole lot of room, so I am going to contact mom and ask if she wouldn't mind holding them for me.

It looks like there are going to be multiple babies on my flight this afternoon. Joy. Fortunately it's only a short hop to the mainland, and I charged up my mp3 player before I left mom's place, so I should be good even if some of these scream machines end up on the longer leg of my flight.
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