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I what now?

Last night seemed like a pretty typical MH raid until we got to the part where we hand out healing assignments.

Raid Leader: "Okay, I want three healers on the main tank, healers on both of the off-tanks, and at least two of you healing the melee groups. plonq will be handing out the healing assignments."

Plonq: "Mew?" O_O

Raid Leader: "What, nobody told you about this in advance? It was your idea to do the healing assignments this way, so I figured you knew."

Plonq: "Ack!" x_x

Guild Master: "Oops, my bad. I forgot to tell him."

Ah well, we downed the first two bosses (we'd been aiming for three), so it worked out okay. I don't mind handing out the healing assignments - I just hope they give me some advance warning next time.
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