the Sweet Smell of Burning Fur (plonq) wrote,
the Sweet Smell of Burning Fur

Vancouver aquarium

We are both hobbling around like people twice our age today due to all of the walking we put in the past couple of days. In my case at least, much of my discomfort is because my shoes are not as suited to long walks as they were when they were newer, and I have developed some painful blisters on my feet. What also did not help was that the twenty minute walk from the hotel to the aquarium was more like 40. I'm not sure what planet the hotel tour liaison is from, but apparently is is a place where people have much longer legs than us. It also did not help that we walked back afterwards, in spite of our sore feet and legs.

I took over 150 pictures while we were there, and surprisingly few of them turned out - mostly due to composition. Animals are not the most cooperative subjects at times.

Here is a small sampling of some that turned out... okay.

They used background and lighting to create some very striking displays of local jellyfish.

Count the dolphins among the "uncooperative" critters I mentioned above.

The seals were the easiest to shoot, in part because they are apparently creatures of habit, and were swimming the same pattern for me, so I knew where to watch to get the shot that I wanted.

The main reason we went to the aquarium was to see the new baby beluga while. They're very cute at that age.
Baby Beluga
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