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I had one of those moment when walking to the office from the car this morning. atara and I had stopped at a doughnut shop to pick up some breakfast sandwiches on our way to work this morning. I was going to bring mine in to work with me, but I calculated that it would probably be cold by the time I got it to work, so I decided to eat it in the car after I parked. Later, as I was leaving the parking garage, my brain started in with its little tricks.

I grabbed my lunch bag, locked up the car and started down the stairs.


"Yes brain, some coffee would have gone really well with that." I stepped out onto the sidewalk and started up the block.

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

"Look brain, I want coffee as badly as you do, but it will have to wait. I'll stop at Tim's and get some coffee on the way to work." I turned the corner onto Portage Ave and took a couple of steps.

Coffee, you idiot! Coffee! As in, "You already bought coffee and left it in the car!"

Stop. Pivot. Return to car.
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