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An ill wind blows no more.

When we bought a car with more electronics and moving parts than many Disneyland rides, we half-expected to have some potential difficulties, even with the backing of quality German engineering. I was waiting for the car to pull a HAL on us, and try to decapitate us with the roof, or suddenly forget that it had traction control on a slippery mountain corner.

Certainly I did not expect something as mundane as the air conditioner to be broken on delivery. This past weekend was the first time that we have actually tried the AC since we got the car. If we had been exercising due diligence, we would have been testing every feature from the day we picked it up, but we have just been testing them as they are needed. Until Saturday, the weather has either been too cool to bother with air conditioning, or nice enough that we simply put down the roof and render the AC moot.

On Saturday, the weather was very warm, and quite wet, so I was driving around with the roof closed and the car decided that it was warm enough to warrant turning on the AC (this car is wont to making semi-autonomous decisions like that). It succeeded to the extent that the AC light came on, the compressor started making strange noises and warm air blew out of the vents. A few minutes later it was still making strange noises and blowing warm air, and I finally made the leap from denial to annoyance. Did they forget to charge the unit at the factory?

I called the dealer on Monday and spoke with the salesman who sold us the car. He recognized my voice before I could even identify myself or what I had bought from him, earning him a few points in my book. He agreed wholeheartedly with me that it sounded like something was not quite right with the car, and he promised to check with his service department and call me back. Two minutes later, he was back on the phone with a date and time for us to stop in with the car. atara dropped it off with them this morning, and after pouring over it for a few hours, they traced the problem to a leaking O-ring. They replaced the ring, pressure-tested the assembly, re-charged it and declared it cured. When we took the loaner car back and claimed ours again, we immediately fired up the AC to confirm for ourselves that it was working, and it responded with a delightfully frigid blast of air in our faces. Then we shut it off and dropped the roof.

Hey, we didn't buy a convertible so that we could sit in an air-conditioned cabin.
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