the Sweet Smell of Burning Fur (plonq) wrote,
the Sweet Smell of Burning Fur

Scummy dive

One of the problems with travelling for work is that you don't always have your choice in hotels - especially when everything else in the city is booked.

This place where I am staying is not the worst motel I have ever encountered - I could probably come up with 3-4 worse places I had stayed at in places like Jersey City, Nashville or Medicine Hat.

Some of the good things about this motel:
When you turn on the taps, (presumably) potable water comes out at a pressure that exceeds zero.
Stuff in the toilet disappears when you push the handle.
The bed is surprisingly comfortable.
There is electricity.

Some of the bad things about this motel:
The wireless internet is only marginally better than having no internet at all.
The walls are paper thin.
The redneck trash in the room next to me (assessment based on the beat-up truck parked by his door) turned on his TV at high volume when he checked in yesterday and as of 6:30 this morning, hasn't turned it off yet.
This room stinks. All they had for me was a smoking room, and once the smell of cheap orange-based cleaner had gone away, the base smell from years of chain-smokers made itself apparent.
This place hasn't been remodelled since the 70s, possibly the 60s. The dark panelled walls are ugly, rather than kitschy.
And they stink.
Did I mention the thin walls? That applies to the outside walls as well. Every time a car drives past, or a person walks past, or a mouse scurries past I can hear it with perhaps a 1% attenuation due to the walls. Does rice paper stop 1% of the sound hitting it? I might be a bit generous with that estimate.

I was going to complain about the non-existent wake-up call this morning too, but then I realized that I am an idiot. There is no clock in this room (oh ya - add that to my list of complaints) so I put in a 6:00 wake-up call and put my watch on the bed table. I awoke on my own this morning and had a glance at my watch... 6:05. I figured I would give them a few more minutes before I got too pissy about the lack of a call. At 6:15 I was starting to work up a right state of indignation when I suddenly remembered a small,but important detail; my watch is still on Central time, and I'm now out in Mountain time. It was only 5:15 here. That's when I became angry about the loud TV in the other room again. Then I fell asleep and don't remember much until the wake-up call.
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