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Sometimes timing is everything.

We went shopping today, but since the stores were not actually open yet, and the weather was very nice, we decided that shopping included cruising around town with the top down. I took along my camera so that I could snap pictures from the car as we drove, ostensibly so that I could assemble a series of content-free, blurry pictures under a theme like "Winnipeg from the window of a car".

One of the nice things about taking a camera along with you for the day is that you can unexpected events as they are happening. In retrospect I wish we had pulled over and stopped so that we could watch the firemen in action, but from what we heard on the radio later, it sounds like they closed the road and traffic turned into a nightmare.

Is that a fire up ahead?
Where there's smoke...
It sure looks like a fire, or at least it looks like a lot of smoke.
Here comes the cavalry to the rescue. I guess there is no point in calling 911.
Here comes the Cavalry

That is not fire damage - the building in this shot is half-demolished. They have been in the process of demolishing this row of buildings for the past couple of weeks, but the project has been plagued by troubles. The first demolition company had a minor mishap that resulted in the front of one building kind of falling over a bit and collapsing across Main Street. They were fortunate that nobody was killed or injured. The city investigated and discovered that the company was ignoring all manner of safety protocols, so they fired them. The replacement company made a whole bunch of safety improvements, and then promptly knocked a big chunk of building material across the side walk.

And then one of the buildings caught fire.
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