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I scored 12 out of 22. How do you fare?

Rate your sin!

I am not sure why he has separate line items for Homosexuals and Lesbians, but more notable is the fact that he has excluded such people as mass murderers, rapists and Satanists. Apparently those people practically have the keys to Heaven in their back pockets.

Anyway, if I want to be honest, I am going to have score myself 12 out of 22 on his check-list. I guess I am pretty much screwed in the afterlife, eh?

Poll #1198019 Are you on the fast-track to Hell?

How badly does Hell want you?

(0) I'm a liar, but fortunately that's not on the list.
(1-4) Hey, I'm only human but I'm not beyond salvation.
(5-8) If sin is wrong, I don't want to be right.
(9-12) Uh oh - looks like I'll need to pack the asbestos undies (crotchless, of course).
(13-16) After what I've done to this body, burning brimstone will be a relief.
(17-19) Do I get extra marks if I masturbate with a crucifix?
(20-21) I'm not just going to Hell, I like sinning so much I bought shares in the franchise!
(22) I'm a liar too, and damnit, that should be on the list.
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