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Struck out

Every year, atara and I start the summer with a vow to take in more Goldeyes home games. With tickets starting at $5 it's pretty cheap for an evening of entertainment. The weather promised to be pleasant this weekend, so we finally followed through on our vow this year and drove into town to catch this evening's action. I dressed in an extra layer in case it got cool when the sun went down, but poor atara wore little more than a windbreaker. We didn't even have to wait for the sun to disappear before it started to get cold. There was a stiff wind blowing in from the north through the entire evening. We were mostly sheltered from it, but every time it shifted slightly it cut right through us.

By the time they got to the end of the fifth inning the park was half empty. I think that people were leaving in part because of the cold, and in part because the team was down 6-0 by the end of the third, and it did not look like they had any intention of turning things around through the subsequent innings. The final score was 9-0, and it was a well-deserved 9-0. The pitching was brutal, and some of the errors went beyond ball-juggling into the realm of comical. The best was the fielder who lost sight of the ball in the sun, so he turned and turtled to protect himself. Thanks to his quick manoeuvre, the low ball that bounced off the turf hit him in the side of the shin, instead of the front where there is less protective meat. The other guys scored a run while he scrambled around trying to find the ball that had bounced lightly off the side of his leg. [sigh] As we were driving home from the game, atara snidely commented, "That was one of the worst little league games I've seen."

One thing that might have helped their sorry pitching in the game would have been if they had grabbed one of the girls working in the stands and put her on the mound. During a lull in the action between innings, I ran some empty containers up one of the garbage bins on the concourse level. I was just starting down the stairs to our row again when they launched into another of their in-game promotions. In a stunt that would have been better suited to warmer weather, they had stadium personnel walking up the between the rows tossing frozen Fudgsicles into the crowd. As you can probably surmise, I was in a rather precarious position; I was caught halfway down a set of stairs, while a girl who was launching Fudgsicle projectiles approached from the opposite direction. I did what seemed to be the logical thing in that situation, and stepped into the first row of seats with an empty seat on the aisle.

It seemed like a good strategy until she turned and unloaded a solid over-hand directly into my face from about three metres away. She was fast. One moment she was throwing something into the crowd to my left, and the next moment I saw a blur from her direction and a I received an unsolicited ice cream novelty in my left eye. It hit with enough force that it ricocheted off my face and flew a couple more meters off into the crowd. Somehow I managed to catch my glasses as they were flying off with equal, but opposite force. At first I was afraid that they were broken (yes, it hit with that much force) but they escaped unscathed. The girl was very apologetic, but as atara pointed out afterwards, "After smacking you that hard in the face, the least she could have done was give you a free Fudgsicle."
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