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The little snow leopard that could.

I almost wish I was going to EFF just so I could buy one of these shirts. When I saw the picture on the shirt, my first thought was, "Hey... wait a minute!" As you can see it bears a striking resemblance to a picture I shot at the zoo here and posted online about a dozen years back. I have seen my picture pop up a few different places, and I wondered if it was making another appearance. Apparently the source material for the shirt came from Flickr though, and a quick browse through the extensive snow leopard archives reveals that tail chewing may be surprisingly common in our little friend Uncia uncia.


Here is the one that I took, which still amuses me after all these years.


Damn, now I have this stupid little vignette stuck in my head of Plonq sitting in a TCA1 meeting.

"Hi, my name is Plonq and I'm a tail chewer. I tried bandages and bitter apple, but nothing seemed to be working, so here I am."

1 TCA = Tail Chewers Anonymous
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