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Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very fright'ning me

I stopped by the doughnut shop near atara's office to pick up coffee on my way in to work this morning. Robin's Donuts are like a mini-me for Tim Hortons1 - they even release their contest cups at the same time. At Tim's it is their "roll up the rim to win" contest. At Robin's it is called their "flip the lip to win" contest. I will usually grab coffee on four days out of five on my way to work, so I have had ample opportunity for lip flipping and rim rolling.

My conclusion from all of this flipping and rolling is that Tim Hortons has better prizes, but Robin's has delivers frequently. My cup of Robin's coffee delivered another win for me this morning.




Um... yay? Wait, isn't that like winning a free spinal tap? It sounds great until you go to collect your prize. Ah well, who am I to look askance at a free oatmeal bar? Who's to say that their oatmeal bars are not moist and chewy and delicious? Worst case scenario is that they try to suck out my spinal fluids when I go to collect.

1 It seems to be hardwired into our nature to desire religious wars. If you think the Christians and Muslims are bad, you should get into the middle of a group discussion on Windows versus Linux versus OS X. It turns out that even doughnut shops are not immune from this level of religious fervour. Ask any doughnut shop affectionado which place has the better coffee or doughnuts and you will get a response with the kind of fervour usually reserved for discussions on whether the Apocrypha is canon or heresy.
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