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Failure and success

On the Thursdays when atara is off work, she always cooks up something fancy for dinner. Sometimes she prepares an all-day roast, or slow-cooked ribs, or brines a chicken. This past week she made Cincinnati chilli on hot dogs with shredded sharp cheddar. Since she was working this weekend I decided I would reciprocate and cook up something fancy. Well, to be perfectly honest, fancy cooking and I do not really get along. When I say "fancy", what I really mean is "unusual". I hate cooking anything that is too fiddly, so my cuisine tends toward the simple, but with a twist; e.g., using bison and elk in my chilli rather than beef.

I was just putting the finishing touches on my evil plan to make prime rib steaks and spinach salad with a warm, bacon dressing when I was struck by a random thought: "Rabbit stew!" Rabbit! There is a place down at The Forks that sells fresh rabbit, and every time we go by there we talk about how we should pick up a rabbit some day and do... something with it. I tracked down a recipe for simple, but delicious-looking stew and set out on a holy quest to procure some rabbit.

They were fresh out of rabbit for this week. I guess I should have called ahead. Fortunately I had already planned out a more mundane meal, so I picked up some nice thick-cut steaks and came home again.

Actually driving into town and picking up steaks on my way home was the extent of my productive activities yesterday. I was feeling a bit guilty about that, so I promised myself that I would be a bit more useful today. The first thing I did drink a pot of coffee, eat some breakfast and run all my regular daily quests in WoW. Then I had lunch.

Today was looking a bit like yesterday. At risk of glossing over pertinent details, after I logged out of WoW I finished the last of the shopping, started on dinner, picked up a bike pump and some oil and got our bikes back on the road. We have been threatening to do that for years, but now it's done. We have no excuse to avoid riding them now. All in all this was actually a fairly productive weekend for me.
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