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I hope they choke on it.

I grumped about this last week, but now I am up against a deadline and I need to fill in some blanks.

3.3 Preliminary Orientations

The general orientations for a solution to manage the critical security aspects and leverage the context's beneficial elements.

Originally I was going to insert a fish as my answer, but I have decided to go with the following:

Who writes this stuff? What does this even mean?
We must engineer a proactive security solution which leverages the beneficial security elements contextually oriented within the vision framework.

Unprofessional? Perhaps a little, but I am tired of slogging my way through obfuscated documents dripping with corporate double-speak. I could sum up section three of this "Opportunities Document" with three questions that need answers:

1) How is application security handled today?
2) How will application security be handled tomorrow?
3) How will these changes affect the company and the end user?

A few years ago I attended a company-sponsored course on clarity in communication. They emphasized the need to be clear and concise in our correspondence, yet they seem to have no qualms about sending out bizarre documents laden with corporate lingo. Colour me unimpressed.

By the way, I haven't sent this document yet, so if you can help me to make my answer even more obscure, I welcome your input. >:)
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