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Sick cat

While we were watching another episode of Heroes tonight, Belladonna casually climbed into her toy box and squatted to pee. atara immediately grabbed her by the scruff and pulled her away, and the damage was minimal. The only time she does that is when she get a bladder infection -- which according to the date on her last medical receipt was less than two months ago. Fucking awesome! Just a day and a half before we are set to fly out of town and the cat comes down with another bladder infection. We emptied out the box and set it back where it was so that we could collect a sample if she urinated in it again. She tried a few times, but it was all action and no urine. Definitely another infection.

I called the vet and explained the situation. They said that I can bring her in this evening, but they are very busy and I will have to wait until they are finished with the rest of their patients first. On the plus side they are waiving the charge for an emergency visit (it pays to have sickly cats so that you can get the quantity discount).

Fuck. I really didn't need this right now.
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