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Hot hot hot

There is an inverse temperature law that keeps trying, and failing to attach itself to this building.

The colder it is outside, the hotter it is in our office.
The hotter it is outside, the hotter it is in our office.

I think that our heating system has a binary temperature control: Off/Lake of Brimstone

Apparently the mechanical union signed a tentative deal with the company, so it looks like I won't be called on to service locomotives. While it would have been interesting to experience another aspect of this company, at the same time I don't think my life will be any less enriched for not spending a few weeks draining and cleaning chemical toilets... though it would have been fun having honey wagon races through the shops.

I have been toying with the idea of re-speccing back to Holy with my WoW priest. I went holy for a couple of days and healed through an heroic SH run. It has been a long time since I played this character as a main healer, but the routine came back to me pretty quickly. The main thing holding me back at the moment is my gear; my DPS set is okay, but my healing set has lagged significantly behind the other healers in the guild. Depending on (apparently whimsical) factors in the game, I either have about +1550 healing and 349mp5, or +1700 healing and 400mp5.

It's a really tough choice. I think that shadow is a more solid talent tree, but I've recently been feeling this itch to get back to the roots of the class. Our raid leader has promised to drag me along on as many heroic dungeons as I can handle in order to help me get badges and healing gear if I decide to go back to healing. He is not being entirely altruistic here - if I go back to healing, he can spec his shaman back to DPS again.

I have already signed up as DPS for a ZA run on Monday, but I think I'm going to switch back to holy tonight and sign up as a healer for tomorrow's SSC run. Best way to see if I still have the healing-fu in me is to jump feet-first into the fire and see how it goes.
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