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Me and my brain

Hey brain, I think I'm going to try making miso soup from scratch.

Kill them all! Kill them all! Kill them... wait, you what now?

Miso soup. I've looked at a couple of recipes, and it seems easy enough. A bit of dashi soup stock, miso, tofu and seaweed.

I've got a better idea. How about if you buy the instant packets of miso soup and just add water. Instant delicious soup with no fuss and bother. Now where was I? Oh yes... Kill them all!

How can you call those instant soups "delicious"? Those little Styrofoam cubes they put in it are nothing like real tofu.

... like you can tell after it's been reconstituted. Look, rehydrated flavourless blobs taste the same as fresh ones.

Don't be such a wet blanket. I'm sorry that I damaged you by sniffing gasoline in my youth, but stay with me here. This will be fun. I can even make the dashi base from scratch. What is it, just seaweed and fish broth, right?

I... see. And naturally you can make the tofu from scratch as well. You've seen recipes for it on the web - it's not rocket surgery.


And if you're really feeling ambitious, you can ferment your own miso. Welcome aboard the express train to Yummytown!

Yes! Wait, no! Have you any idea what that would make the house smell like? atara would string me up by the nuts. Fine, I'll use powdered dashi.


I took a long lunch break and went on a quest to find soup stock, seaweed and miso. The store I chose had a surprisingly broad selection of ethnic foods, but I still struck out on all three items. atara and I stopped at a larger store on the way home from work, and we managed to find the miso, but no stock. I have a pretty good idea where I can find the other two ingredients, but the critical one is the soup stock. I can alway cheat on the seaweed and use strips of nori.

In any event I am not going to travel to the ends of the Earth to try and make miso soup from scratch because, well, it's just miso soup. I don't want to find myself scarred and weary, holding a spoon full of mediocre soup and thinking, "I went through all that effort for this?"
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