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Eat more fish

The cat has finally settled down for a nap. She has spent most of the morning moping restlessly around my desk, or sitting in the doorway staring fixedly at me for ten minutes at a time. Ever since I got this new laser pointer for Christmas, she has been like a crack addict waiting for her next hit.

"It shines the laser pointer for the cat."

If my hand even edges toward the pointer on my desk, she twitches and gets ready to chase.

Erf. There are few things that will bring out the dirt in your carpet like a camera flash. It didn't look that bad in the normal lighting - honest. As soon as I'm done posting this I think I'll grab the vacuum and give the living room and hall a quick cleaning.
Laser Pointer
Nothing else in the world exists to that cat except for the green dot moving around on the floor (or green blur in this case since I was moving it).

T'is the last day of what has been an interesting roller-coaster of a Christmas break for me. I plan to get back into more regular posting here once life falls into a more regular pattern again.
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