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It's his birthday and he'll cry if he wants to

I have been working my way through an on-line company training program for the past few days in preparation for a possible, temporary shift in my work assignment. At some point between when I worked through some of modules yesterday afternoon, and when I signed in again today, they had removed a couple of the modules. Since I am required to complete this course by the 31st of this month, I decided that it would be a good idea to double-check my course statistics and make sure I had received credit for all of the course items I had completed.

To my relief, I still had credit for all of the modules except for the one on ergonomics. I prepared to grimace my way through the module again, even though this would be my third time through it (having taken this entire training course earlier in the year, and also to having the same material fed to me in safety meetings). It doesn't help that the training is insultingly basic (can't we just assume that I already know how to lift a box?) and obvious. I fired up the training package and was about to start when I discovered why I had not been credited with its completion; the module on ergonomics required a couple of additional steps at the end in order to log that you had finished it. Although it looked the same as all of the other modules, it functioned differently for no apparently good reason.

So... the training module on ergonomics was different from, and more awkward to use than any of the other modules. Were they trying to be ironic?
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