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It's all geek to me

Although these pictures are not large, I have decided to put them behind cut tags anyway out of consideration to those who could not care less about WoW.

One of the things that they added to the game in the 2.3 patch was the Azure Whelpling as a non-combat pet. (To those who are not familiar with the finer points of the game, a non-combat pet is something that you get for reasons of vanity. They are little critter that follow you around in the game, and in the case of some of the rarer pets, they will do stuff when they get bored; sing, dance, fall asleep, run around in a berserk frenzy, etc. Their sole function in the game is to add atmosphere.) Anyway, after three days (and after killing ~1500 dragonkin up in Azshara) I finally managed to land two of these. I gave one to atara and kept the other for myself.

I have this hair-brained plan to collect all four colours of dragon pets (reg, green, black and blue) but I don't know if my sanity would survive the ordeal. They are pretty rare drops.

Engineering is one of those professions that I would never have taken in the game if I had known more about it at the start. It is difficult and expensive to level up, and it produces almost nothing that one can sell in the game to recoup expenses (there is only so much market for fancy gun scopes). In patch 2.1 they finally gave us some decent recipes for all of the armour types (the engineering headpiece is one of the better ones in the game). In patch 2.3 they finally gave us some toys that made it all worthwhile. Almost since the game came out, engineers have been saying, "We should be able to build our own mounts."

The strange, gold colouring is caused by a de-buff that got put on me when I got caught in a transporter malfunction. In a nod to Star Trek, amongst the malfunctions is one that splits you into your "good" or "evil" half. In this case only my good half made it through. If it had been my evil half, I'd have had a reddish hue. The de-buff also makes you slightly taller. In this case the effect lasts for two hours (or only three minutes when it turns you into a chicken - thank goodness).
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