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Do you want fries with -- OH DEAR GOD!

One penny.
Two pennies.
Three pennies (ah! ah! ah!)

WARNING: second grade math incoming...

Q) Little Johnny goes to the store to buy some crystal meth for his mother. Mister Whifflebat, the crack-addled paedophile shop owner only wants $4.68 and undisclosed favours for the meth, but Johnny's mother has given him $5.18 to launder. Assuming we don't find Johnny's abused corpse in a ditch the next day, how much change should he return home with?

A1) First, hand back the $.18 because "you gave me too much..." X

A2) Accidentally punch $5.00 into the till before it registers that you have change in your hand as well. X

A3) Begin pulling change out of the till at random and put it back again as your brain struggles with the math. Start with pennies. X

A4) Hand a random amount of change to the customer and wait for him to pass back what he doesn't need. X

A5) If by "store" you mean "McDonalds Drive-Through", and by "shop owner" you mean "Drone" then do all of the above. ü

I hit the drive-through for breakfast on my way to work this morning. My bill came out to $4.68, so I initially fished out a $5.00 to pay for the meal, but even as I was doing so, a little voice in the back of my brain said, "$.32 in change -- ugh, more pennies." Since the car ahead of me had not yet pulled ahead, I dug deep in to my pocket and counted out another $.18. When I pulled up to the window, I handed the clerk $5.18. As you might guess, hilarity ensued.
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