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My weekend in a nutshell

My desktop computer is not working. Partly it is my own stupidity, but mostly I blame Steve Ballmer. Please DIAF. kthxbai.

We downed Mag again this weekend. Like last weekend he dropped two sets of my t4 robes. Just like last weekend I lost on both rolls. /cry /wrists

My brain hurts.

One of our programmers set up a series of scheduled retrieval jobs for me, then went away on vacation. Two days after she left, they quit working. I just got off the phone with the guy who is covering for her. Apparently she mentioned to him in rather vague terms that she had set up some scheduled jobs, but she never got around to telling him what they did, or where they were. I am (or was) building a new scorecard around these numbers. It looks like I will have to find other ways to occupy my time for the next five weeks...

Our cats don't like their new brand of food. Cats can be very exasperating (but amusing) when you try to feed them something that they don't like. One thing they will do is engage in a game of Musical Food Dish where they move from dish to dish, apparently hoping that the other cats' dishes will contain something more appetizing than their own.

I helped dronon clean his eavestroughs yesterday. The weather wasn't ideal, but it was nice to get outside (and especially from the desktop computer mentioned above).

I made pumpkin pies yesterday. For the most part I followed my standard recipe with the exception of substituting Splenda for the white sugar in them. The filling turned out very good, but the crusts are somewhat less-than-flaky. The last crusts I made were pretty hard, so I made some changes this time around and they came out even tougher. With a little tweaking to this recipe I could make these pies bullet-proof! Anyway, this recipe usually yields very good results, so I'll stop trying to "improve" on it and just go back to what works.
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