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and things went downhill from there
(a desperate plea for fish)
August 8th, 2019 
10:09 am - Muffins!
Burning Fur Mood
I fell down the Spotify rabbit hole again last night. As usual, I found an artist that I liked and clicked on "fans also like" to see if I'd find anything else I'd like.

From there, I find an artist in that list and click again on "fans also like" to see what comes up. The artists in those lists tend to be presented in order of popularity, so by the time you get to the bottom you are into some pretty obscure artists.

last night I worked my way through the artists until I got to one that simply went by the name Clark. I listened to a couple of his more popular selections, but it didn't really inspire me. Since it was the end of the suggested artists, I just ignored it and started working on other things. I had mentally tuned out the music as background noise until about twenty minutes later when I realized I was quite enjoying whatever was playing. I checked to see who it was, and realized it was the same artist whom I had rejected earlier. Since I had not made any new choices, Spotify was dutifully cycling through all of his works on random shuffle.

It's mostly ambient stuff that I would not normally put in my usual playlist, but this is perfect background music for when I don't want it to be distracting.

I made muffins yesterday.
Muffin!Collapse )

I posted a muffin picture to Facebook because that is what one does when they have made muffins. The post got a couple of passing likes, then I got a comment from my brother chiding me for going to the effort of baking muffins when perfectly tasty muffins are available from so many places. He mentioned how he eats, at most, six muffins in a year and just doesn't see any benefit in baking them. So I responded:

Much of what you say is true. Now that I am no longer commuting to work (and buying a muffin along the way), the number of muffins I consume in a year could probably be counted on one hand.

As you have said, one can also buy muffins at any number of places. If you could point me to somebody who sells orange and blackberry muffins, I'd be interested to try their version.

If I was to make my decision on what to cook or bake based on the fact that there are already ready-made versions of that food, then that raises the question of why one bothers to cook anything at all. Virtually anything I could want to make is available either as a pre-made entree at a local grocery store, or on the menu of a variety of local restaurants.

The real issue here is that I am not entirely ready yet to surrender what small measure of food sovereignty I have in knowing how to cook and bake. I am not at the mercy of whatever limited styles are being produced for the mass market. I can control exactly what goes into these muffins - within the limits of messing with the proper ratios for them to bake properly. These have flour, buttermilk, sugar, eggs and baking powder. Everything else is just fruit and flavouring.

Also, I am a bit spoiled and I enjoy the finer things. I have my own personal chef/baker - me - who can make things to my exacting specifications.

There is also an innate satisfaction in being able to step back after and say, "I made that!" I have a creative drive that demands an outlet. I am not talented enough to sculpt or paint, but I can grab an assortment of disparate ingredients in the kitchen, work some alchemy, and end up with moist, tasty muffins. I brewed the coffee that I am drinking with them too.

I could have walked up to McDonald's for a coffee and muffin, but I just find a bit more satisfaction in being able to enjoy my own creations.
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