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and things went downhill from there
(a desperate plea for fish)
September 7th, 2015 
Masturbatory Mood
For the record, I detest that expression.

I set out a number of chores for myself to accomplish today, and to my amazement I have managed to cross all but one off the list, and that one is a work in progress. The bar fridge is still defrosting out back.

✔ Vacuum carpets
✔ Spot clean kitchen floor
✔ Mop bathroom floor
✔ Sharpen lawn mower blade
❏ Defrost the bar fridge

I also sprayed about 1/4 can of Lysol around the areas where we cleaned up the mouse nest in the garage. It smells better in there than it did, but still smells a bit mousy.

One of my Facebook friends posted a link to an article today that the author had chosen to title in the format, "Five things that men do..."

My first though on reading the list was, "But I don't do that, nor can I think of any of the men in my circle of friends who would do that." I found it mildly bemusing that in an article that aimed itself to combating some of the stereotypes and attitudes towards women would choose to present itself with a blanket statement about all men.

I understand that the title was meant to be slightly offensive because it was preaching to a specific audience: feminists who are not men. I also don't think that there is any good that comes from presenting ones argument in such a manner. It is a fine approach if you simply wish to share your indignation with a group of equally indignant people, but it is the kind of approach that can alienate otherwise sympathetic people. It's OK to be angry, especially when it is justifiable anger, but don't swipe your brush of anger across people who are trying to be on your side.

I remember a bit from a comic I read some years back - it might have been ASB. I do not remember the exact scenario - I think one of the characters had been badly hurt by a group of homophobes who used him as a punching bag. He was surrounded by a group of gay friends who were trying to comfort him. A single, token straight guy was in with the group, and as he tried to add his own words of support, one of the victim's friends lashed out at him, calling him a "fucking breeder", and letting him know that they did not need his kind around.

The others chastised him for it after their straight friend left, reminding him that they needed straight people on their side if things were ever going to improve. They admonished him not to lash out at people who are on their side.

Just as we learned with race, and as we are finally coming to terms with homosexuality, I think that history will eventually teach that feminism was on the right side of things. I think we are making progress, but we still have a depressingly steep road ahead before the self-obvious rightness of respecting women as equals sinks into broad acceptance. That said, lashing out at your allies is not the smart way to achieve those ends. There are those who might argue that it is historically justified, but I do not think that it is smart.

"Five things that some men do..."


They're watching you sleep
They're watching you sleep. Note to self: count my kidneys in the morning.
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