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I set myself up with a challenge at the beginning of the year to take and post a picture every day when practicable (that is, if I was on vacation in a place with no Internet connection, I would take a picture that day and post it when I got a chance).

Part of my motivation for undertaking this was to encourage myself to take more pictures, and as a side benefit of it, document a year of my life in pictures. While my goal was to keep them either topical, entertaining or at least mildly interesting, I admit that I have a significant number of pictures of our cats in the mix.

My primary goal was to treat this as an exercise in self-discipline. I wanted to see if I had the staying power to make it through a full year without running out of steam. It has been a challenge at times, and it has been hard to motivate myself some days, but I've powered through even when I've been posted away from home and working/studying long hours. I have been absurdly happy with myself for making all the way to mid-May so far without a stumble. I was really starting to feel like I might be able to pull this off. This had been more staying power than I usually have.

As I was showing the slide-show to a friend yesterday, I realized that there were some shots missing from the album that I definitely remember taking. Last night I went through the album, updating some of the file names, and moving some pictures into the album that I had improperly tagged. After cleaning things up, I noticed that my on-line album only had 134 images, but my off-line folder had 135. No problem - I had probably forgotten to upload one one at some point. To my mind, that's a stumble, not an outright fail.

I did an image-by-image compare and finally found the discrepancy. My off-line folder had the same image tagged twice for different days. I had posted it as February 25, but it was actually a shot from February 23, and I had it saved under both names on my computer. I fixed the tags on-line, and went through my camera folders to try and find the pictures that I was supposed to upload that day.

There is none. In all three folders (Phone, Nikon, Canon) I have pictures on the 24th, and on the 26th, but apparently I somehow missed the 25th entirely. It's a bit depressing to realize how much I've been putting into this thing, only to discover that I had already failed back near the start. I want to go back to the me in late February and give myself a solid slap.

I know it shouldn't be a big deal, but I am really disappointed. I think if I had not been so proud of myself for approaching the midpoint of the year without a stumble that it's really demotivating to realize that I tripped over the starting line and didn't notice. Well, now I've noticed, and it has taken some of the wind out of my sails. Since this was a challenge to see how far I could make it before I failed, it almost seems pointless to keep it going at this point.

On the one hand, it would be a bit of a relief to say, "Oh well, maybe next year." At least I wouldn't have to start each day wondering how I was going to fill my quota before midnight.

Here is yesterday's shot for what it's worth.
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