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Valentine's Day

We stopped at one of the local Mediterranean markets on the weekend to pick up some essentials for our Valentines day dinner (including a couple of chocolate-covered strawberries). There was an accordionist wandering up and down the aisles, serenading the shoppers with his squeeze box. It straddled the line between charming and surreal.


I keep meaning to post my daily pictures up here more often, but for some reason my days don't seem to have as many hours in them as they did once. I really am taking a picture every day, and I have been faithfully posting them to my Flickr page.

I am holding out hope that the longer hours of daylight will give me more time to capture interesting shots as the year wears on, rather than pictures like this one, where I had to pull out my old and new portables in order to perform a task. I was just struck by how much difference just a few years could make in technology.
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