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A joke gone wrong.

This iLev 610 gear has been dropping from my garrison caches for months, and I have been routinely selling it to try and crack the quarter-million gold mark. A few weeks ago I got the head piece in one of the cache boxes, and as a lark I tried it on before I sold it. To the helm's defence, it did not match any of the rest of my gear, so it was - for lack of a better description - butt ugly.

I sold it to one of my garrison vendors, but its hideous after-image gnawed at the back of my brain until I went and bought it back again. I began to wonder if the rest of the set was as unattractive as the helm, and my plan for an anti-transmogrification set was born.

Over the past few weeks I have been hoarding every piece of the Communal set that dropped in my garrison until the shoulders finally arrived this evening.

I ran off to the nearest transmogrifier and gleefully filled every slot with this woeful set...

...and in my opinion, the result is actually rather pleasing, and not at all what I had been expecting. The armour actually looks serene and priestly - very much the look that one might expect on a healer.
A joke gone wrong
I took her back to her roots and copped a picture of her in the Undercity, just because that seemed appropriate.
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