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The more things change

I learned what department I have landed in after our latest surprise re-org. One of the things they did in the last re-org was to break up our support team and distribute all of its people to different groups.

Yesterday I finally got a look at the group that I will be working in now, and it looks eerily familiar. Other than one or two names, it is the same people who I was with before the re-org in November. They basically reassembled the old support group.

In the latest move, they divided the department in half. One half (the one to which I did not get moved) will be working with new, real-time strategic tools. The half I am with will be working with legacy reporting. Though I have not been told so explicitly, I have heard through the grapevine that we are not to touch the new analytic tools at all.

These are the same tools I have been working with and mastering since September. I am probably one of the most experienced, competent people in the company with regards to this analytic tool, and I have just been moved into a group where I am not to use them.

This must be what insanity feels like.
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