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Indian Summer

It is supposed to return to seasonal norms later in the week, but for now we are enjoying the sunshine and high teens. We went for a nice walk through the neighbourhood this afternoon, and as the winds died to a mere breath, we decided that it might be a good opportunity to take last year's Christmas presents out for their inaugural outdoor flights.

Indian Summer

At my boss's insistence, I have stated taking days off work for the time owed me. As I was going through the vacation calendar to fill in the days, I noticed that I had not yet booked my last 8 days of vacation time. Oops. It is a little late in the year to be noticing something like that, so it looks like I will be taking some more long weekends in the next few weeks as I burn through them.

I am using today's time off work as an excuse to make a big pot of chilli. It seemed like a good idea when I plotted out it out my head because chilli is a very good cold-weather food. Naturally the weather refused to cooperate, and it is pushing 20 degrees here today. Ah well, chilli is a good warm-weather food too IMO. My original plan was to make a beef, bison and elk chilli, but by the time I went to buy some elk, they were sold out, so I had to settle on beef, bison and beans instead.

I considered adding some ground lamb to it to add some flavour, but in retrospect it is just as well that I changed my mind because the slow cooker is full to the brim. I emailed atara at work a few minutes ago and said, "I hope you like chilli..." Fortunately, our crock pot is only a 2-litre model, so this is not as insane an amount of food as it sounds. Still, this should be good for at least three meals.
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