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While the weather holds

I haven't shot a lot of pictures this summer, leastwise not since our vacation at the end of June. Since I am done working at 14:00 today, I may grab my big camera and take a road trip up to the park.


The last time I walked into town to meet atara after work, I stopped at one of the Chinese grocers on my way in and grabbed a 1 litre tub of kimchi. I had been in the habit of packing it in my lunch for work, so I was not concerned about working my way through a container that large. Then our vacation happened, and the usual summer interruptions to our regular schedule threw a wrench into my normal routine, and this jar of kimchi sat unused for a couple of months. More recently I picked up some more (fancier) kimchi at a summer market, after first promising atara that I would make a point of using up the old stuff as part of the deal in buying the new jar.

I used some of it yesterday to supplement a lunch of kimchi-flavoured ramen that I picked up on the weekend. I used some more today when I tried making a recipe I found on-line for fried eggs with kimchi. I have done eggs with kimchi before, but this recipe suggested topping them with a mixture of soy and oyster sauces as the last step. The thought of mixing kimchi with either of those sauces would not have occurred to me, so I decided that it was worth a try.

It was delicious, though a touch on the salty side. When I try this again, I will halve the amount of sauce suggested by the recipe. I had already reduced the amount of sauce and upped the other ingredients a bit from the instructions, so I am guessing that the recipe creator likes their food extra salty. The next time I make it, I may dig out the wok. The recipe called for crisping up the egg whites on the bottom and edges, but if I had cooked mine any longer the yolks would have turned solid. I guess that I must have had the heat too low, or did not let the pan heat enough before I started. In any event, it is in my "do again" list of recipes.
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