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Nice try, Google

atara bought herself a Surface Pro 2 recently to replace her ageing netbook. Naturally I did some hunting on the web to find local distributors, and track down the components that she wanted with it.

As I was on the bus this morning, I glanced at the cards in Google Now on my phone, and I noticed that it took note of what I had been searching on my home computer, and it offered some comparisons between the Surface Pro 2, and a couple of different Android tablets. That's nice, I guess, since I really should be comparing cross-platform features when I shop and...

Wait a minute - it seems to me there are more than two platforms out there for tablets. In fact, I seem to recall there are at least two food-related ones named after a fruit and a berry respectively. I appreciate the creepy, stalkerish suggestions that Google sends to my phone based on my web searches elsewhere, but it would be nice if their suggestions were a little less self-serving.
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