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20130319 - Coleslaw

I was craving this stuff the other day, so I bought the ingredients to make it for my work lunches. It has taken a few tries to get the mix right for the dressing, but I think I am getting close.
20130319 - Coleslaw

I have been hard at work configuring my new Windows 8 box. So far, so good. It is definitely quite a departure from the the "click Start to begin" design since '95, but it did not take me very long to begin navigating my way around. I am not finding myself missing the start button as much as I'd thought I might, and it begins to make me wonder if there is a bit of OCD involved in being a geek.

I have yet to encounter any difficulties with apps, programs or drivers. I don't know if that is because I bought the Pro version, or if (like I found in Vista) a lot of the problems were badly overstated.

Speaking of Vista, a couple of my older pieces of hardware have not had new drivers made for them since Vista, but the 64-bit Vista drivers loaded and worked without a whisper of complaint. That leads me to suspect that, like Windows 7, this one is also based on the same Vista core under all of the cosmetic changes.
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