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20130311 - Love For Sale

All you need is...
20130311 - All you need is
I think I may have mentioned at the start of the year that I would not always be posting a picture on the day when it was taken - though in this case I am being a bit obvious about it by posting yesterday's picture with tomorrow's date.

We met my brother and his wife for dinner today, and he mentioned on the phone that I should bring my camera if I wanted to capture a picture of discarded love. We forgot about the picture until after dinner, and by the time we got back to the photo opportunity, the sun was long since a memory.

Even though we were a ways back, the 35mm lens did not quite give me enough field of view for a good shot, so I swapped to the slower zoom lens and shot this at 18mm, using the flash. In retrospect, I think I would have done a couple of things differently if I could go back and take this picture again. I would have selected a higher ISO setting, opened up the aperture a bit more, used the flash diffuser and pointed the flash slightly off-centre. Or taken the picture before it got dark.

My new keyboard is much glowier than my previous one, but at least it has mechanical keys with a satisfying "tick" when I type.
23130310 - Keys
There is a new computer attached to this keyboard (not pictured here) that I will be spending the next few days configuring. It is almost depressing when I think on how much I need to install and set up on the new machine to get it up to speed. On the other hand, new computer! (Squee!)

I was going to put Windows 7 on it, but I decided to bite the bullet and go with 8. I often end up as the go-to guy for help with these things, and I figured I may as well learn my way around it.

From what I have been reading, once you get past all "different is bad" noise, the consensus seems to be that it is all-around better and faster than 7. My original intention was to do whatever hack was necessary to bring back the start button/menu, but after about ten minutes of playing, I decided that I probably won't bother. I was not having much difficulty navigating my way around without it.
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