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20130303 - A tale of two lassis

It was dronon who introduced me to these drinks, and I have been meaning to thank him for that. This wonderfully refreshing drink is a great accompaniment for Indian food, especially the spicier varieties. I normally order the plain, sweet version of the drink, but in the interests of variety, I decided to order a savoury one with this meal.

Pictured in the foreground here is my salt & pepper lassi, with atara's sweet one in the background. I admit to being dubious as I was ordering it, but I have developed a taste for that fermented milk drink at the Lebanese deli near our house, so I figured this would probably be similar.

It was similar, but this one was much better. I was sold after my first sip.

20120203 - A tale of two lassis

I am going to try my hand at making my own this summer as a refreshing drink when we are sitting out back by the barbecue. Manjoula has a recipe for a salted, mint lassi that looks intriguing - especially since I grow fresh mint in my little herb garden every year. I typically use very little of it over the course of the summer, but this could change that.
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