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Some time back I signed up for a local "deal finder" service; similar to Groupon and its ilk. Every day they mail out their deal of the day, usually for 60-90% off a good or service.

Today's deal is for 64% off cupcakes, delivered to your home or office. I don't need cupcakes at the moment, but I really appreciate their ad content.

"After the cakepocalypse of 2014, cupcakes will become the standard currency of the new, delicious world order, and those disciplined few who can resist the overwhelming urge to stuff their face will be rich beyond their wildest dreams. It's probably a good idea to get in on the ground floor..."

In other news LJ has blown away half of my avatars. They have been sending me out notices that my extra icons service was in danger of expiring, and I have tried four times over the past week to renew, but their payment system appears to be broken so now my expansion pack has expired and I've lost half my avatars. Hmph.
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