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2 out of 3 ain't bad

We bundled up and braved the cold this afternoon with three goals in mind. The first was to get some lunch, since we were both pretty hungry. The second was to check out an organic food market at the south end of town, and the third was to grab a handful of groceries on our way home. The food market was closed today, but we managed to score some good tacos and burritos for lunch, and hit up Safeway on the way home.

This is our second trip to Burrito Del Rio Taqueria, and it won't be our last. It occurred to me after I started to eat that I had ordered the same meal as the previous time, with the exception that I got black beans rather than refried beans on the burrito. The drink was different this time, and I got the medium salsa rather than the hot salsa, so I guess it wasn't quite an identical meal.


It was all good with the exception of the salsa. I found the green tomato base to be almost overpowering in the medium salsa, and to be honest it didn't have a lot of bite to it. atara ordered the mild salsa, and handed it to me after she had only eaten a bit. After I added about a teaspoon of the generic hot sauce I found on the table, it was pretty good. Next time I'll get the hot salsa again though.
Tags: burrito, winnipeg
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